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You must add a link on your site to our site before we can approve your link request. Link request where we can not find our link on your link page will be rejected. We regular check our link. Make sure our link will continues be on your page specified in the field (Reciprocal Link). Missing link will cause your link will be removed from our site. The link must be only one or two click away from your linked page (specified in the URL field). We do not accept sites with pornographic or illegal materials.

Before your start adding your information, please make sure your have added a link code on your site pointing to our site.

Make sure the link has been cached by google. In google you can check this by write cache:http://yourreciprocalpage.com where yourreciprocalpage.com is the page where you placed our link. Our approval process include that our link is placed on the reciprocal page and the page is cached by google.

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